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Bringmos offers you a simple, self-managing portal that allows you to keep your menu and restaurant informations up to date.

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Bringmos hits in the middle

Why should you have an own static website for your restaurant?

Having your own website is generally a good idea, but updating the content on the page is often associated with a lot of effort and costs.

With Bringmos you get to use a platform which is designed to provide your visitors with all the necessary information and it can directly be deployed on your own domain. The experience is unique and functional. Doesn't matter if you just want to show of your offered articles or want to offer ordering too.

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Max PeintnerFounder of Bringmos

Whats the difference to other platforms?

We have more than 5 years of experience with local restaurants and our apps were only built with the latest and best technologies. User friendly and pretty interfaces have always been the greatest goal of Bringmos.

Bringmos not only offers websites but lets you order on dedicated mobile apps for Android and iOS. The terminal app gives you insights in your orders and is also built for both platforms.

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Emanuel PörnbacherFounder of Bringmos

Explore the benefits of the BRINGMOS platform.

Digital menu

Manage your dishes on the fly and use our advanced menu features. All your changes will be available immediately.

Online ordering

Enable ordering on our apps or your own site and use our terminal app or web console to manage requests.

Custom domain

Use your own domain for your website. We provide you with a free SSL certificate.


Choose from a variety of themes and customize your website to your liking.


We have many more features to discover. Use our apps to explore the benefits of Bringmos.

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Max Peintner
Max Peintner

Emanuel Pörnbacher
Emanuel Pörnbacher